Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A switched-on hotel in Dubai

I found an interesting article about how to use modern technology in a good and consumer friendly way,

in Dubai, the ca new Hotel called "Vida Downtown" allows you to check in, order room service from your smartphone — even if you’re poolside.

From funky tables that turn into interactive touch screens to in-room tablets that double as hotel room keys and controls for lights and temperature, the era of Jetsons-esque travel is already here.

But let’s face it. Beyond a few nods of approval at the concierge, the novelty often quickly wears out. Or, if you aren’t really part of the gadget set, you probably have given up trying to figure out your room’s technological amenities.

One hotel in Dubai wants to change all that by giving you, the guest, the power to future-forward your hotel room right from your device — meaning your smartphone or tablet becomes the control board for all the stuff you need. You can order room service, book your laundry, buy gifts, speak to a concierge or pick up an e-newspaper, all from your device.

And all this without the need to ever download an app.

Read the full article by Gulf News here: