Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Abu Dhabi on the verge of a new era of exhibitions

Days away from the most modern exhibition centre in the world opening in Abu Dhabi

The countdown is on to the opening of Abu Dhabi's superb new Exhibition Centre - now just days away from opening in the UAE Capital City. The latest landmark event is the successful completion of Environment 2007, the last ever event staged at the old venue which has been the city's major site for exhibitions since 1986.

Phase 1 of the new Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre will open in February to host IDEX 2007, one of the world's largest defence exhibitions. When complete, the state-of-the-art multi purpose exhibition complex will offer 55,000 square meters of interconnecting hall space, including a 3,168 square meter atrium, 18,000 square meters of U-shaped concourse, 2,000 square meters of food courts and a sizeable multi-storey car-park.

ADNEC is also working with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) to establish Abu Dhabi as a leading business tourism destination and attract the world's premier events to the emirate. Four of the world's leading exhibition organising companies have recently confirmed their status as 'Foundation Partners' for the new venue, jointly bringing more than 30 additional shows to the new Exhibition Centre.

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Ali said...

Dear Christian,

It's been a very successful beginning year for Abu Dhabi as a destination in the Middle Eastern region.

The opening of first phase of the new ADNEC exhibition hall and the opening of GIBTM exhibition that took place in Abu Dhabi last month, all of these great moves made Abu Dhabi as a Destination to establish a name on the Business Tourism more strongly.

I'm very positive that the second GIBTM next year will even be much bigger and more fun as well.

I think many people will start to realize how the United Arab Emirates in general is blessed to have 7 emirates with each different personality, this diver our venues look and needs, it also attracts different events to either place them in Emirate A or Emirate B and so on....

People might not know this, but Abu Dhabi and it's sister city Dubai are working together toward the best for the whole country, Dubai has ATM, Abu Dhabi has GIBTM, Dubai has the best FIA Rally Race in the region, and Abu Dhabi soon to have the F-1 Formula Grand Prix.
So whither you are here to held an event in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the whole country UAE gets the benefits economically and awareness wise.

So that's what I call healthy competition.

ADNEC says that this is going to be the "The Centre of the Exhibition World" and I truly believe in that after knowing their coming "Capital Centre" project, you will notice the real exhibition world all in one place.

It's going to be the sexiest MICE general venue in the world. "Lets hope to be a live until it's done in the next few years"

Cheers, and keep the blogs up :)

@li - Abu Dhabi