Saturday, October 06, 2007

Austria's most beautiful castle - Schloss Schönbrunn

I was invited to attend an Austrian MICE trade show called access 2007 in Vienna last week. I must admit that the austrian hospitality is not far away from what we European percieve as "the perfect hospitality service". The warmth of the local people combined with the professionalism of the MICE trade show organizers made my trip to Vienna special!

I managed to get away for a short moment from access 2007 (the trade show) and grapped a taxi who brought me to Schloss Schönbrunn.


The charme and majestics of this place is enormous, I have been carried away with my thoughts to long time ago milestones in our European history, to our writers and composers, painters and sculptours.

Well, if you are planning a congress or event, go to Vienna and become a part of world history.
The photo is take from a fine website called Thank you

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