Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What has a bathroom to do with your next conference venue?

We all travel a lot, and we all see a lot. And while we all travel the world, we encounter amazing locations with amazing facilities. One of those amazing facilities are public bathrooms, right? Oh yes, we all can write books about them. I have seen (but not used!) bathrooms I will never forget. And I have seen bathrooms (and have loved using them) I will also never forget. One of them is this one here on the picture, coming from the Sofitel Queenstown, New Zealand. For us men it is quite a challenge to do our "daily business" in such circumstances, but it has been a unique experience.

Designers Brett Taylor, Mark Perriam, and Cam Marsh installed life-size photographs of female voyeurs, who peep saucily from behind the cone-shaped urinals—with binoculars, glasses, cameras, even a tape measure in hand.

Well, why not choose your next conference venue with a special bathroom? It sure will contribute to great communication. And that's always good. Would you like to see more such ideas? Then write a comment, thanks.

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