Sunday, August 05, 2007

Electric Blue art footer by NH Hotels, part II

Regarding the funny and special email footer, Corinne Weber came back to me with an official explanation from the NH Hoteles Head Office in Spain. I quote:

"The drawing is just an adaptation to electronic communications of our new corporate image. The entire new NH Hoteles graphic image is based on this kind of graphical solutions and a new corporate color.

In the email signature application it represents somehow a signature…a drawing hand made, human. It is electronic communication but still personal."

Great, isn't it? In the time of stereotype communication they go their own unique way. If they have properties like this then this soon will be one of my favorite hotel chain.

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Make Money said...

Yes, in fact a lot of 'corporate' organisations could learn from this sort of thing. People are becoming a lot more community orientated, and the traditional corporate ways of doing things are just not really as popular as they used to be.
In fact, guys like me are highly critical of the traditional corporate image, and think that anyone who still clings to these ideas are still traditionally minded... that's the issue. It's not so much as a 'keep in step with the latest fad' as much as it is about 'are you a creative organisation?' Corporates are generally not very creative, and only know how to do traditional business right – and make money the textbook way.