Thursday, August 09, 2007

Interlaken in China

I am "used" to exhorbitant buildings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Las Vegas and Macau but now mainland China is picking up in this category too.

"The Interlaken" in Shenzhen, China, is the latest member of mega hotel projects. Opened on August 01 (Soft opening), it boosts over a dozen meeting rooms, 299 guest rooms and much more.

Here is the official text from the website:

"The Interlaken OCT Hotel provides an unparalleled European–style 5 star experience within Interlaken Village at East OCT in the eastern part of Shenzhen. Situated in a perfect panoramic position between lovely lakes and forest, the area enjoys a mild and stable climate throughout the year."

I wonder if these guys are going to be at EIBTM later this year. Would love to meet with them and see how they are doing.

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