Thursday, March 15, 2007

Amazing conference centre in Lucerne, Switzerland

I have been invited to a Marketing special two days ago in Lucerne, Switzerland. With over 600 participants it was a nice sized conference day which started in the morning with some interesting talks, all related to marketing.

Topics included "Brain script - why consumers buy", "Gender marketing" and many others.

But really outstanding was the venue itself, the KKL, which stands for Culture and Congress Center. Wow, what a scenery with the snowcovered mountains in the back and the blue shining lake of Lucerne just infront of the KKL! The Event Company Standing Ovation did a well-organized job with nice technical tools and gadgets. A company to be recommended!

Last but not least the food and beverage; delicious appetizers and a superb Asian food buffet with nice wine and plenty of juice made this day a memorable one.

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