Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meeting Planners Turning to Non-Traditional Venues in 2007

In terms of 'what's new' regarding business meetings in 2007, look to non-traditional venues that make the most of participants' down time.

More and more business meeting organizers are researching special interest or non-traditional venues such as resorts, campgrounds, ranches, inns, country clubs, estate mansions, museums, stadiums or even cinemas as alternatives to booking traditional full-service conference centers to host their business meetings.

Jazoon for example, an IT conference to be held in Zurich, Switzerland, in summer 2007, has choosen a brand new cinema called Arena CineCenter as its venue. Interestingly, their need for 9 conference rooms and exhibition space is both fullfilled within the cinema.


Cindy said...

As a meeting planner, I still choose to use the typical venues (resorts). I find the staff and services very helpful during the meetings.

On another note, would you happen to know how I could link in to other meeting planners? I would like to discuss venues they have used and their likes or dislikes to different places.

Thank you.

Christian W. Frei, CEO, MICEpoint said...

Hi Cindy
Thanks for your comment and yes, I agree with you on the advanced service level if you choose to work with a traditional MICE venue or supplier. Nevertheless, I had some great and unique experiences when I have chosen a non-traditional MICE supplier but it was not always easy to deal with the staff and management ...
Regarding your other question:
The best for you is if you sign up as a MICE organizer for free on because there will be soon a discussion board for MICE professionals online.
Best regards, Christian W. Frei