Saturday, March 31, 2007

The MICE industry in Second Life?

I recently signed up for my Second Life! Well, after all this talking and reading, I thought I want to be modern and join the latest venture the internet has to offer.

After some time (or minutes) I turned into a quite nice looking guy with a phaenomenal look, I thought. I started to go through the tutorial (which I didn't finish because I thought it was too boring and difficult) I flew into the real Second Life world.

Then I had to do some work again and after a couple of days I've forgotten my username so now I am here and no more second life (at the moment).

Is the MICE industry present in Second Life? I read about some event companies doing events there. Do they don't have enough work in the First Life or is the money they earn better in Second Life?

Anybody know something about MICE in Second Life? Please post your feedback here.
Thanks, Chris

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Mike McAllen said...

Second life is a cool way to enhance your real live meetings and events. Nothing beats face to face but this is a new way to get people into a physical space when they are in different parts of the world. My take on this is companies will start to have their own virtual spaces if not in Second Life in a private space. The landscape is changing so quickly with social media. I applaud you for seaking out these new ideas.

(don babcock in SL)