Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The world's most sexiest MICE venues

In this series, I am introducing to you the worlds most sexiest MICE venues, well at least from my point of few.

Today, I am starting with:

The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

300 guest rooms, 70 Suites with up to almost 800 sqm size (!), two large fresh water swimming pools, 1,5 km of absolute private beach, 2 gyms and

48 Meeting rooms!

Visit the Meetings page for more information. Look at the stunning Auditorium, the majestic ballroom and the inhouse technical facilities available.

And not to forget are the amazing restaurants, the suites and of course the well trained, very friendly and competent staff!

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adevents said...

that is nice blog i live in abu dhabi and i know exactly what you talking about but this hotel is a little on the expansive side for SME meetings and events but yes it is a good choice for the big and rich